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Need Help?

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Electric Showers

Onecall Electrical & Plumbing can work on both the electrical and plumbing aspects of your shower; we are registered with Safe Electric and insured to do so.

As defined by Safe Electric, all electrical works carried out in rooms with baths or showers are restricted works. This means that only registered electrical contractors can legally complete electrical works on your shower. Upon completion we will also issue you with a cert, as per Safe Electric regulations.

When Onecall Electrical & Plumbing work on your shower we will confirm/test the following:

1. The incoming cable from your ESB meter is the right size and your home is neutralised.

2. All required earthing and bonding is in place.

3. The correctly sized cable is in place for your shower. Most electric showers now require a larger cable than showers did in the past, so even if replacing a shower the cable may need to be changed.

4. We ensure your shower has a dedicated RCD (THIS IS A LIFE SAVING DEVICE) and will test it to confirm it’s functioning correctly. Having a functioning RCD means should your shower have a fault it will trip within the required time and not affect other parts of your installation. Your shower cannot share an RCD with your sockets etc.

5. Onecall Electrical & Plumbing will also complete checks on your existing installation such as checking all the connections on your fuse board, performing 7 different tests on any RCD within your board and an insulation resistance check on your entire electrical Installation.

6. All the checks mentioned here are legally required to be carried out when an electric shower is installed. This is to confirm that your electrical installation is safe to use. If you have had a shower installed recently and don’t think the above checks have been performed contact Onecall Electrical & Plumbing to complete these works – this could save you or someone in your family from a potential electric shock.

If you are unsure about the safety of your electrical installation contact Onecall Electrical & Plumbing today and we will check it for you

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